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Underwater SuperCourse

Join Cathy Church, a renowned underwater photo pioneer who is uniquely devoted to helping others get better photos than even her own.

Cathy Church's SuperCourse

Solomon Islands

Photo © Cathy Church

Solomon Islands

October 28-November 7, 2023

Join Cathy on her 20th adventure to this easy, exciting, wonderful tour to the Solomon islands on the ever-popular Bilikiki.

Why is Cathy the best,  you may ask?

On photography trips with Cathy Church, she brings along extra back-up camera gear in case you have a breakdown! The best insurance policy ever! She contacts each guest in advance to find out what camera they are bringing, and will ask them to send a photo of the assembled system (unless she has already known your system from earlier classes and trips). She then plans her back-up systems accordingly.

Cathy will be available throughout this trip to answer questions, help with problems, critique as needed to troubleshoot or just to admire your photos. If you have topics in particular you would like Cathy presentation on, Cathy is quite happy to do that on the boat. However, sometimes the best learning is one-on-one at your computer discussing YOUR photos.

And one more advantage, Cathy is there to make sure that you are getting the care you need, the dives you want, and the services above and underwater that you are expecting. Cathy is also there in case another guest is making you feel uncomfortable or is disrupting your ability to enjoy the trip. Fortunately, Cathy has been called upon to do this only a few times in her more than 50 trips, but she has nipped several issues in the bud before anyone even knew about it.

Top 8 reasons to travel with Cathy





You will have access to Cathy Church to answer your questions about your camera equipment and techniques. You will enjoy her free coaching and mini-lectures offered throughout the day to answer photo questions, share ideas, and critique images.

You will get free lessons and help with editing your photos with Photoshop. If you need special help, she will even help you in the water if she sees you having a problem with your camera or technique.

You can find help or share your own ideas with everyone around you. You will be surrounded by photographers who are happy to help you with answers, tips and ideas.

You will be with only the nicest people. We choose people who are easy-going, who take their good times with them and who are flexible and are ready to share. If you especially want a particular dive site, everyone else will say that’s fine with them because they know that next time everyone will do the same for them.





You have the strength of a group, with Cathy, to support your needs.

If your luggage does not make it to the destination, she has several back-up camera systems for you to use.

She makes sure everyone enjoys the interesting or rare creatures that are found on the dives. You don’t have to push each other out of the way or get angry with someone occupying the subject for the whole dive. She will repeat certain dives until everyone has had a good opportunity for the best subjects.

She encourages lots of jokes.

Jason and I are amazed at the contrast between diving with Cathy and the people she attracts, in contrast to the above-average operation we had just booked with. Her attention to detail, appreciation for the total experience, unrushed approach, and balancing of a disciplined approach without fearing adventure, add up to a dive experience we have not seen elsewhere.

—Pepi Ross

Previous trips

Her trips have been chosen for their photographic diversity and ecological importance.

Here’s a selection of some of her favorite adventures.

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Chuuk (first one in 1972 and six more), Palau, Silver Bank, Sea of Cortez, Galapagos, Cocos, Lembeh, Papua New Guinea—Milne Bay and Papua New Guinea (PNG)—Kimbe Bay, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Fiji, Vanuatu for a total of leading over 50 underwater photography tours.