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My Underwater Photo Journey

Cathy Church’s favorite underwater photos from her journey (up to 2003) from the Caribbean to the South Pacific, from the surface to 150′ deep, all gathered into this beautiful coffee table book.

You can enjoy FREE Online PHOTO LESSONS (newly updated for digital photography) relating to each image in the book. It’s like a second book free!



10 x 11 inches, 144 pages, four-color with spot varnish
FREE Black and white 8×10″ photo from the book of the light beam in Devil’s Grotto, suitable for framing.



Additional photos about subjects in the book
Scientific names of subjects
Common wildlife name
Camera equipment used
Location for each photo


Lee PetersonMarine Camera Distributors

It is a wonderful representation of your style and eye for the dramatic with a touch of love in each image.

Cayman Compassunsolicited editorial, Tuesday 15th March, 2005

Church deserves praise for the quality of her work. Her camera has captured stunningly beautiful and thought-provoking images from Cayman's waters. Her book, My Underwater Photo Journey, is a masterpiece. More than another interesting coffee table book, the work is powerful art with a powerful message. Church's photographs, taken here and around the world are unforgettable.

Ingvar Eliasson

Dear Cathy,
Just wanted to tell you that your book arrived yesterday, and I am in raptures over the ravishing sceneries that you have captured! The PDF-file with instructions was an added bonus that I value a lot, as I am trying hard to develop those skills to perfection, especially the handling of the different light sources.
...I am mainly a cold water diver, thriving in the Scandinavian waters most of the time. When you meter for the blue, I meter for the green. I still feel that your advice is extremely valuable, and will help me to take a leap forward in my personal UW photography skills.
It is seldom that a book of this kind gives me such instant satisfaction! Your book is a rare combination of art, marine biology and instruction that is hard to beat! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your amazing Underwater Photo Journey with the rest of the world!
I sincerely hope that I will get the opportunity to meet with you one day! That would be an honor!

Carol Litchfield


Martha Watkins Gilkes

Cathy.. not enough time to really absorb.. but it is SOOO BEAUTIFUL. Tony, my hubby can't put it down... he is enthralled with the WALDO PHOTOS !! I look forward to time to really immerse myself in it... each photo and comments are works of art!! Thanks for inspiring me (again)!!

“My Underwater Photo Journey is a treat for the eye and mind. Each plate is a masterpiece of composition, contrast, and incredible detail. The technical and visual quality of this publication is amazing. In it, you'll find remarkable photography in exotic locations that most of us will be lucky to visit in a lifetime of travel. If you are one of those who are trying to improve your skills at underwater photography, as you turn the pages you'll constantly be wondering, "How did she get such a great shot?" The neat thing is that on her website, the author answers this question for each picture in the book.
When I met Cathy Church at her home base in Grand Cayman, I had some idea about her reputation, but not much. Far from looking down at a beginner, she was a patient and intensely enthusiastic teacher. During the lesson she also dove with me, putting my mind and camera gear through their paces. She went the extra mile by volunteering to come in on her day off, being late for a dinner party just to outfit me properly. I mention all this because her spirit of sharing knowledge with others weaves throughout this wonderful book.
Now that I'm home and savoring her book, I appreciate her talent even more. It's hard to imagine the level of skill that it takes to get so close to her skittish subjects. A creature one inch long can fill half a page. Yet she shares her techniques in an on-line commentary that backs up each plate. For those of us trying to improve our own skills, the behind the scenes lessons are invaluable. It's like having a personal trainer at your fingertips.
In this day and age much is written about the need to save our oceans and life on the reef. My Underwater Photo Journey provides powerful visual testimony of just why the world beneath the waves is worth protecting. The author, Cathy Church, is a big supporter of the Ocean Conservancy. But the book is far from a sermon, it's a stunning showcase for some of the best underwater imagery you'll find. The book is coffee table sized, with one or more photographs on every page, making a great birthday present or holiday gift for any diver, photographer, traveler, or art lover.”

Paul SeldenUnsolicited Amazon comment