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Coordinate with us to order a custom mural for public spaces, offices, or homes.

Imagine your wall covered with a reef from the Cayman Islands or the South Pacific. Tell us some of your favorite creatures, the size of the wall and we will send you an estimate. The mural will be printed in the US on the same laminated material used for vehicle wrap, and shipped to you ready to hang like wall paper. You can hire a local professional to install it. Here is the first section of the wall to the left of the first of the four baggage carousel openings.


Next wall section (partially hidden by post in this view) above the carousel all the way to the corner.


Next is the first half of the wall along the right side.


CJ gets ready to give the Goliath grouper a nice big kiss.


Grand Cayman mural

(former exhibit)

Cathy and her team produced the world’s second-largest underwater photo installation at Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts Airport Baggage Claim area. It covered walls nine feet high and 145 feet long and was comprised of over 50 photos expertly assembled by Cathy’s Photoshop guru Charles (CJ) Viggers.