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Most cameras can be used underwater with the use of an underwater housing. We recommend Nauticam housings from the many manufacturers available. We list our pros and cons for these housings to help you be a better-informed consumer.

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Nauticam Housing


  • The built-in electronic viewfinder allows full “SLR” style focusing and composing only when used with the 180º viewfinder on the Nauticam housing. Click here for more information on this feature.
  • The Nauticam housing port allows you to use the incredible macro switch on the 12 – 50 mm lens, which is fantastic for close-up underwater photography and focuses as close as 2 inches! The lens provides wide 84º coverage (equivalent to a 24mm lens on a 35mm film camera) for medium wide-angle photography down to a narrow 24º coverage (comparable to a 100mm lens with 35mm film) for fish and small subjects. In macro mode you can fill the frame with a subject as small as 1 1/4 inches wide. It is a wonderful, all-around lens. This lens cannot be used to the same extent in the Olympus housing which does not have a zoom gear or the macro switch! This port will also house the Olympus 60mm macro lens for those who love super macro!
  • 5 customizable function buttons on housing including additional front located customizable button (Pv) giving more control options
  • On/Off flash switch is available on housing – great if you underwater and have forgotten to turn it on! Also easy to turn flash off without going into menu.
  • Built-in moisture alarm system is standard. Electronics for vacuum system is included. While this requires extra tools and effort, it does mean the housing is secure. (Vacuum valve and pump available separately.)
  • Elegant and simple port locking system makes changing lenses and ports a breeze
  • Larger dials are better placed and easier to use.

* Optional, easy-to use add-on close-up lenses (Olympus, Nauticam and Reef Net). They are used with a flip holder to hold the add-on lens in place or out of the way.


  • More expensive than the Olympus housing
  • Much heavier above and underwater, so you need to get the correct buoyancy arms.
  • It takes a little more space than an Olympus housing in your baggage, especially with the 180º viewfinder, but still a lot less than a housed DSLR.

SportDiver Underwater Smartphone Housing

  • Works with most Android models & iPhone® 7 and up
  • Large shutter & control buttons for easy operation
  • Dual leak alarms continuously monitor the waterproof seal
  • SeaLife SportDiver app with auto & manual controls
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology controls the camera
  • Depth rated to 130ft / 40m
  • Includes external underwater color-correction filter

The SeaLife SportDiver underwater housing works with most Android models & iPhone® 7 and up.  The free SportDiver App captures photos and video directly to your iPhone’s camera roll.  The app also allows you to control advanced camera settings, like Zoom, Lens selection, Exposure, Focus, White Balance, Tint, RAW capture, Live Photo and Background Blur, as if you were using a more sophisticated underwater camera.  The SportDiver offers fast and easy playback, and the clear back of the housing has a full unobstructed view of your screen and underwater environment.

The SportDiver offers unique visual and audible protection features for your phone, including a vacuum pressure alarm that checks the waterproof seal integrity before your dive and a moisture sensor that alerts you in the unlikely event a leak is detected.  We’ve produced over 20 generations of underwater cameras and housings, and SeaLife brings a wealth of experience with the design and performance of the SportDiver. 

PT-059 Underwater Case

This underwater housing made exclusively for the TG-6 can withstand pressure to a water depth of 150 feet. Even when installed in the case, the camera control dial can be used for exposure compensation. The front surface is black to prevent any unwanted reflections. The case supports the use of two external flash units.