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Photo Centre and Gallery

Cayman’s premier duty-free camera store, underwater photo gallery, and school.

We sell a complete line of Nikon, Fuji, and Olympus digital camera systems with Nauticam underwater housings, UltraLight arms, GoPro video cameras, Sea and Sea strobes, SeaLife camera systems and more. We rent underwater digital still and video cameras and lights with a free mini-lesson.

Welcome to our camera store in Grand Cayman located at Sunset House Hotel

Our above-water department is just off the lobby of Sunset House. Downstairs, our underwater department has a full range of underwater camera systems. Check out the gallery, custom printing, and classroom and limited studio supplies also downstairs. It was so busy on this day that even Cathy and Herb were behind the counter. We are not a mail-order company, so come into the store and handle the cameras to help you choose the equipment that suits your needs.

Ask about our sensor cleaning services to help keep your cameras functioning their best

We sell hundreds of cameras in our store. Contact us for pricing on any equipment we sell.

Wedding and Event Photography

Photographer Lin Fronda

Schedule event photography for your special moment, be that your wedding, engagement, anniversary, expecting notice, or other corporate or professional event. Lin Fronda has been working with Cathy Church since 2008 and is expert at helping you feel at ease as you create memories of your meaningful moments.


Photo © Lin Fronda