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    Products and services

    Custom printing

    Available print media (products)

    Choose one of these popular papers to make your photo or art work look its best

    Vibrance photo luster, matte or gloss paper

    Produces the widest range of colors and the densest black for vivid color reproduction. This paper looks most like actual photographs and is a popular standard for most of our photography gallery work.

    Vibrance Luster: 

    Anything but commonplace.  A photo paper but something more.  A silky finish playfully teasing the light.  A delicate texture alive and mercurial.  A quicksand image dragging you ever deeper into imagination.  For images that will be seen, shared, and cherished Vibrance Luster is a celebration and the icing on the cake.

    Vibrance Matte:

    Our most economical substrate hits on all points.  Durable, pliable, and the right weight for yielding drape.  The smooth, luxurious surface renders prints that are approachable and tactile.  For art, photography, and everything in between – beauty in simplicity.

    Vibrance Gloss:

    It may be a photographer’s most used paper, but there’s nothing common about our Vibrance Gloss.  Developed for the discerning photographer who demands the greatest color gamut, dmax, and image resolution available without compromise, Vibrance Gloss features a cockle-free RC base that imparts luxurious feel and a mirror-like sheen.  For maximum ink coverage on an instant dry surface look no further.

    Vibrance Metallic Paper

    Reimagine your photography.  Print on a photo paper that conveys more than what you see on the glowing screen.  For black and white, high contrast, landscape, and dramatic portraiture Vibrance Metallic adds the finest edge and a hint of flair.  Serious yet expressive, powerful and breathtaking, a little bit of shimmer, sure to engage.

    River Stone Satin Rag Paper

    Recall a time when a captured thought was refined in the solitude of the darkroom.  Look through the aperture.  Dodge and burn.  Illuminate the image within.  River Stone Satin Rag is an homage to the craft of photo processing and all its unflinching apostles.  With rich blacks, immense shadow detail, and the subtlest of texture, each print celebrates dense beauty and striking metaphor.  River Stone Satin Rag is the only paper for images with centrality, gravity, and secrets within.

    Fine art textured watercolor paper 600MT

    The eye lingers and scans, decoding the traveled depths of an image that seems to float just above the surface of comprehension.  A change of perspective.  Shadow and light.  Our most robustly textured watercolor paper for a sumptuous display that resists scuffing and flaking like no other.

    Lyve Canvas printing

    The realization of our pursuit for the perfect fine art canvas.  Lyve builds on the legacy of the world’s first OBA-free canvas with superior resolution, greater dmax and a wider color gamut.

    Featuring the highest archivability of any canvas, The Fine Art Trade Guild awarded Lyve the exclusive Blue Wool certification for 100 years display life.  Lyve is not only the finest canvas we offer, but the best money can buy.  For art that is living – an image that is Lyve.

    Bring us your art in any form or size and we will reproduce it to your needs. Continue to paint on the print to make it unique.

    Wrapped edge styles

    1. Usually, we make a mirror copy around the outer edge of your image that wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar. This makes it look as though your image continues around the sides to the back of the frame, but does not use up any of your image. This is usually the best way to print it for stretching. From the sides, you will see what looks like a continuation of the image as shown on the right.
    2. We can also add a black or white border to your image that wraps around the sides that are not facing the viewer. From the sides, the edges of your image will be all black or all white.
    3. Use the image to continue around the sides to behind the print. However, this will use up the sides of your image so that the area visible from the front will be reduced (so that it looks like it is cropped).

    All canvases that are printed large enough to allow, will be finished with a ‘Gallery Wrap’ corner that is folded professionally so it does not show at the sides.

    Silverado No-Lam Canvas

    Special canvas paper designed for immediate delivery without the UV protection and durability of normal canvas.

    Canvas stretching

    Call us for individual quotes.

    We can roll or stretch any canvas.

    Canvas is professionally folded around the corners in the technique called “Gallery wrap.”

    Stretching prices includes hanger and rubber spacers on the bottom corners to protect your wall.

    Digital services


    Reconstruction of damaged images



    Compositing of multiple images into a single files for printing

    Custom Framing

    We have over 60 beautiful frames in stock to chose from and many more that can be special ordered.

    Our custom framing department prides themselves on precision, quality and professional framing.

    To finish your artwork, why not choose a mat surround (available in a variety of colors), and plexiglass. We can even add a double or triple mat for a more special look. We have a state-of-the-art digital mat cutter, so are able to produce mats in any shape up to 40″ x 60″.

    We can even frame your canvas in a shadow box.

    Our service takes on average 5-7 working days, however, we are able to offer a faster service at a premium.

    For framing of any size from 8″ x 8″ up to 9′ x 9′, please bring your artwork or photos to our basement store to choose your frame and receive a quote.

    Digital services

    Custom printing and digital services

    Professional Archival Custom Printing – Color and True Black and White

    Bring us your art work to be copied, or email a file, or bring it on a media card or thumb drive. Our staff will guide through the process.

    If you have done your own image editing, we may ask you to also give us the original as well.

    If sending the file by email, send it actual size and not reduced. If sending more than one large file, please use to send the uncompressed files.


    If requested, we offer expert color correction, enhancement and just the right touch of sharpening is available to make your print as amazing as possible. Retouching is available to remove flaws, objects in the image, etc.

    Photo restoration. Faded, damaged prints, slides or negatives can be repaired and brought to life.

    Copying art and prints

    We produce high quality digital copies of art, prints or slides. We have even reproduced a large custom quilt to make a gorgeous print.

    Reproducing original art

    Share and sell your art work again and again at affordable prices. We make this happen for most of the island’s best artists because we are good at making the colors and the papers match the look and feel of the original.

    We can reproduce your work at the original size up to 59 1/2″ on the shortest side for paper prints and up to 56″ on the shortest side for canvas (allowing two inches all round for stretching). We can also reduce your art to standard 4×6,” 5 x 7″ and 8 x 10″ print sizes, and add our easy matting for framing.

    Composite files for printing

    Would you like several family photos all on one lovely canvas or Christmas card? Or perhaps a selection of your child’s drawings? We will assemble them as would like them for your print or just keep the digital image for sharing.

    Ready-made photo frames

    We have the largest range of ready-made stylish photo frames in the Cayman Islands.

    From cute 2 x 3″ frames, to a selection of large 36 x 24″ poster frames, multi-aperture frames, and beautiful stand alone design frames. In a variety of finishes and colors, we are sure to be able to help you display your photos beautifully.

    Self-service printing and scanning (kiosk)

    Make prints from your smartphone, thumb drive or memory card—fast, easy, and economical.

    Make calendars or holiday cards, add text and borders, crop, and adjust.

    Pricing for self-service prints (in US dollars)*

    Size (inches)

    Price (USD) per item

    Price (CI) per item

    4×6 $0.60 $0.49
    5×7 $3.50 ($6 for two) $2.87 ($4.92 for two)
    8×10 $5 $4.10
    4×6 index $1.25 $0.65
    4×6 or 4×8 Greeting card $2 $1.64
    4×8 $2 $1.64
    2 ID/passport photos
    (we will take the photo)
    $18.30 $15
    8×10 Collage/Calendar $6 $4.92
    4×6 wallet with four photos $0.65 $0.54

    * Prices subject to change. Visit or call for the latest prices.