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Photo classes

We offer classes for all levels above and below water, from underwater cameras to GoPros and photo editing!

Learn the best way there is – one-on-one with customized classes that fit what YOU need to learn, from great tips for better photos with easy point-and-shoot cameras to more advanced techniques for DSLR systems. We have no rules – you set the goals. Create a custom teaching schedule that meets your learning needs from five minutes to all day.

For Underwater Photography, we offer group and private courses for any certified SCUBA diver from beginners to professionals, with any age or physical ability, or disability. Learn at your own rate and decide which topics are most important for you to learn.

Learn on a shore dive or boat charter schedule with Sunset Divers. You will love how much fun your photos become!

For Land Photography, we offer group and private to anyone of any age, in our air-conditioned classroom, but can use the beautiful location of Sunset House Hotel, where we are located, to practice.

We even have cameras to rent for those without!

Capture your adventure with Cathy Church and her staff, the best underwater photo team ever!

Photography courses

Course fees (USD)

Private class with instructors Maria $70 per hour
Private class with Cathy Church $150 per hour

Up to two friends can join your class at 50% discount for the second person with similar goals if you would like to share a private lesson.

Your class will be confirmed by a deposit of $65 per session with a staff instructor or $150 per session with Cathy. We accept Visa, MC and Discover, and American Express. Your deposit is refundable up to 48 hours before your class is scheduled. It is also fully refundable due to weather conditions preventing a dive.

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    1. Do you teach land photography, underwater photography, and image editing?

    We specialize in underwater photography. You can have a private or semi-private class with one of our instructors. As always you will learn in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

    2. Can I learn with any camera?

    You can learn how to take pictures underwater with any camera that can be used underwater. We can help you to get the most out of your point-and-shoot camera or the most advanced SLR. There are still a few cameras that may be less familiar to us, so when bringing your own camera, please also bring your camera manual to the lesson. If you do not have one, we can usually find it online if there is something we cannot figure out otherwise.

    If you need to rent a system, we recommend learning on the Olympus TG-6. We also rent GoPros for videography. Students get 50% OFF rentals when they are used during classes!

    3. What is a class like?

    Digital photography or GoPro classes are offered at our photo centre at Sunset House, south of Georgetown in Grand Cayman. Typically they include about one to two hours in the classroom, plus an hour-and-a-half for gearing up and making a leisurely shore dive, weather permitting, followed by a critique if there is time.

    Classes usually start at 10 a.m., earlier by appointment, or 1:30 p.m. Topics vary to meet your needs and can include an introduction to digital concepts, the basics of photography, camera settings, optimum menu settings for underwater use, strobe aim and exposures, lens choices, camera handling and diving with a camera.

    You can cover the basics in one class or divide it into two. The first class can emphasize how to take exciting close-ups of beautiful small creatures such as hermit crabs and Christmas tree worms. In the second session you will photograph scenes of sponges and corals, or a small wreck or Amphitrite the mermaid, with sunlit backgrounds.

    In advanced sessions we can move on to creative strobe lighting and improving your composition. You can also learn about underwater image editing — as a brief overview during a regular class or in more detail in a dry lesson. For GoPro we will teach you how to take a good video, lighting, composition, editing and putting together a complete video of your dive.

    4. Should I bring samples of my past photos or videos?

    Yes, if you have already taken pictures with your camera underwater or GoPro video, bring some earlier photos or videos if you can, so that we have a better starting point. Bring both good and bad — either on your laptop, thumb drive or memory card. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but it helps to identify camera problems and previous good and bad techniques.

    5. Should I learn with Staff or Cathy?

    Cathy is a superb instructor who brings over forty five years of teaching experience to your lesson. She knows how to adjust the teaching style to match your learning style and knows how to change her explanation to match your interest level. This is especially apparent underwater where she can sense subtle needs and help you adjust your technique. In spite of the time she has spent with students, she is as enthusiastic today as she was when she first started. She gets excited to see your photos get better with each adjustment and is quick to compliment and make sure that above all else, YOU are having FUN.

    She loves teaching even the most basic beginner as they have no bad habits to undo. She starts her lessons with her famous “This is the front of the camera and this…”

    Cathy has wonderful and friendly staff who are eager to help you have a great time with your underwater camera or Go Pro. They all are quick to smile and are wonderful teachers.

    6. How much does it cost? How do I reserve space?

    US $65 per hour with staff (50% off for a second person with a the same camera or Go Pro. Contact us for multiple student classes.)

    $150 per hour with Cathy. Call for rates for additional students.

    We will ask for a deposit of US $65.00 per session with a staff instructor or $150 per session with Cathy. We accept Visa, MC and Discover, but not American Express. Your deposit is refundable up to 48 hours before your class is scheduled, but is fully refundable due to weather conditions preventing a dive.

    Call us to book your classes now:
    607-330-3504 United States
    345-949-7415 Cayman

    Contact us

    7. What type of photos can I expect?

    Here are a few past student photos. Except for the turtle and puffer fish, these are examples of typical scenes that everyone can expect to enjoy on virtually every dive. We see a turtle on about one dive in five and puffers only occasionally. Now, instead of our resident Grey Angelfish we have a large Mutton Snapper and a cooperative Squirrel Fish and plenty of the usual less cooperative cast of characters. We also have a wreck and a mermaid and lots of other scenes and critters and usually a few surprise, also.