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September 11, 2021

Underwater Dreaming Exhibition

Cathy was asked to exhibit a selection of her imagery at Parcel 110 conference and exhibition centre in central George Town, Cayman Islands. Having used the COVID-19 lockdowns to immerse in her creative (and often silly) side, Cathy produced many new wonderful images for the exhibition. Well received and attended,…
March 20, 2020

Cathy’s Creative Corner

Steps to create an image like "The Observer" Steps to create an image like “The Observer" Here is an easy quickie that anyone can do with any post editing program that allows putting two photos together. The amount of my face that shows through will vary with the viewing system…
June 20, 2019


I had a wonderful trip to Cuba in February on the Jardines Aggressor—great group, wonderful boat and lots and lots of gentle sharks just cruising around doing their thing and generally not caring much about us at all. Too bad that the US just put a stop to our kind of…
September 1, 2018

Fall Update

My how time FLIES. Five years since I have updated this blog! I have had several great Photo Fest weeks, been to the Solomon Islands and the Philippines, and taught a LOT of students. Herb and I have repeated our  Vegan cruise every year and are both feeling terrific. I started…
March 1, 2015

What have I been up to

I have moved my office computer home, with all of my photos and am having a great time. I miss seeing some of you who stop in during your stay in Cayman, but I my productivity is really expanding. I have changed over my "Mastering Underwater Lighting" Workshop that has remained…
April 1, 2014

Spring update

We had a great 4th Annual PhotoFest in May and are looking forward to the fall one August 30. I have been just busy, busy in the photo centre, and while I am working on several new images, none of them are done, and if they are done, I can't…
August 1, 2012

Summer update

I spent four weeks diving from my boat with my best friend Christine. I even saw my very first Loggerhead turtle at Royal Palms ledge off Seven Mile Beach. For the last week, we drove my boat around to the east end in late July. But, it was a little…