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We had a great 4th Annual PhotoFest in May and are looking forward to the fall one August 30. I have been just busy, busy in the photo centre, and while I am working on several new images, none of them are done, and if they are done, I can’t find them on this computer!!

Herb and I had a really good time on our Vegan cruise. While I do not subscribe to several of the holistic concepts, the vegan food and lectures were incredible. This year there were a lot of medical doctors attending the medical continuing Ed classes, which I really enjoyed.

I started reading a college Biology 101 text book and am absolutely in heaven. I am always impressed with how much more students have to learn about biology compared to when I studied it 50 years ago! The sections on cellular biology, genetics and so forth are far more complex than my graduate level classes were. I love it and feel like I am back where I belong after so many years away from biology.

Herb has a new paddle board but has not been on it yet. If you are reading this now, it means that we have FINALLY gotten the new updated website fully up and running.

Herb went to Las Vegas in April to watch his son Dan Rafael receive the prestigious 2013 BWAA Nat Fleischer Award for excellence in boxing journalism. Dan is an incredible writer because he works hard at knowing everything there is to know about the boxers and the bouts. He is truly the tops in his field. Herb also had a chance to visit with family, including Dan’s and wife Jenn’s new baby Jesse. Herb now has THREE grandchildren.