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I spent four weeks diving from my boat with my best friend Christine. I even saw my very first Loggerhead turtle at Royal Palms ledge off Seven Mile Beach. For the last week, we drove my boat around to the east end in late July. But, it was a little rough for us “67-years-young” ladies to pick up the mooring at the dive sites. We are much happier in calmer water.

Not be kept out of the water, we checked in at Compass Point Dive Resort for three days and made ten wonderful dives with Ocean Frontiers. They provide, without a doubt, the best diving services I have ever experienced, on land or at sea. They even provide you with a wonderful printed booklet describing all 55 of their dive sites, with diagrams and room for comments and more. They took good care of our gear, set it up on the boat we were assigned to each trip, changed over our tanks as soon as we came up and all we had to do was show up and jump in!! We had a GREAT time. Thank you Steve Broadbelt and your wonderful staff and crew of Ocean Frontiers. I loved the cheerful smiles and non-stop service—not just for me, but for all of your guests! On our way back home, the water was much calmer and Christine and I did one last wonderful dive before she went home.