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Photo classes and workshops

We offer classes for all levels above and below water, from underwater cameras to GoPros!

Cathy has been teaching underwater photography for over 50 years. Most of them in Grand Cayman. She doesn’t just throw facts at you, she adjusts her teaching to match how you learn and she loves watching your photos get more and more beautiful.

Cathy Church has taught workshops at virtually every major United States dive show, including Beneath the Sea. In her seminars and workshops, she teaches underwater photography, editing photos, using photography equipment, and how to help fearful divers.

Photography courses

Course fees (USD)

Private class with Maria De las Alas $70 per hour
Private class with Cathy Church $150 per hour

Up to two friends can join your class at 50% discount for the second person with similar goals if you would like to share a private lesson.

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Your class will be confirmed by a deposit of $65 per session with a staff instructor or $150 per session with Cathy. We accept Visa, MC and Discover, and American Express. Your deposit is refundable up to 48 hours before your class is scheduled. It is also fully refundable due to weather conditions preventing a dive.