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I had a wonderful trip to Cuba in February on the Jardines Aggressor—great group, wonderful boat and lots and lots of gentle sharks just cruising around doing their thing and generally not caring much about us at all. Too bad that the US just put a stop to our kind of trip. Not sure why that helps the US to not be able to trade with this country, but I feel sorry for the huge, expensive boats that work there

Then Herb and I enjoyed our seventh Holistic Holiday at sea—this one was a great TEN day excursion along the south and western Caribbean. .

Our 2019 Photo Fest was better than ever. Lots of regulars attended—Jim Sparkman has been to ALL TEN of them.

We have expanded our printing area by getting another room just for the wood shop for stretching canvases and making photo frames. I am personally working about 70 hours a week and hoping that there is an end in sight when I can start to go back to working on my images. We are still having a huge turn-over of staff thanks to government mandates that we cannot keep our staff more than 8 years.

i have found out what has been bothering my left shoulder for several years. After I started experiencing excruciating pain, we investigated and found a four centimeter tear in my rotator cuff. Not sure how I will want to treat this since it requires a very long time out of the water. I have full motion, but it is now way to fragile to risk further tearing

Herb and Jasmin (our Labradoodle) and Sparky (our African Gray parrot) are all quite well and also looking for more time to play.