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Wow, a lot has happened since September! First, Herb and I both were granted Cayman Status–that is what they call almost citizenship. It means we can stay without yearly permit applications, but we can’t vote. We are still US citizens as well. We went to the underwater film festival in Antibes, France. Quite interesting–we both noticed, for example, that most of France is very old. A highlight of our year was our time spent at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida. (If you want to go, tell them we sent you.) Herb had wanted to go there for a long time and it finally happened in late November. After our two-week stay, Herb was having such a successful time that he stayed for a third week. Wow! Pritikin is to health as our SuperCourse is to underwater photography—all day immersion with sunrise stretch at 7am, 45 minutes each of strength, cardio, yoga, a variable specialty workout, five lectures and an optional cooking class. There were three main meals, two soup-and-more snacks and lots of fruit and vegetables available wherever you were! It was a utopia—time just for ourselves to exercise, healthy food everywhere, learning reasons behind the methods, getting lots of great tips, losing weight, sleeping well, blood pressure way down, and much, much more. We just couldn’t do it like this at home, but we have the momentum and we are trying to keep it up. Thanks Stu Bakst for encouraging us to go! We are still at it in mid January. We will be here for the next few months except for Herb’s trip to the Photo Trade show in Las Vegas, Feb. 12 – 15, his sons Dan’s wedding in D.C. area March 24 – 28.