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We are surviving the hurricane season, business has been wonderful, Herb and I and Sparky the African Gray Parrot are all well and healthy. My only difficulty earlier this year was dealing with the death of my father and my aunt, to whom I was quite close.Back Yard Otherwise, this has been a good year in many ways. I had a wonderful summer with a six-week visit from my friend Christine, and we did a lot of diving. Although our dear Cayman reefs are deteriorating at an alarming rate, as they are around the world, there are still some great places to dive and take pictures. As you can see, Christine and I are standing in my really wonderful garden. All signs of Ivan are long gone. It is amazing how time flies. Our trip to Komodo in June was stunning. The Cheng Ho was fabulous — no complaints. It is HUGE, clean, and offers incredible service, wonderful food, and amazing diving. Although I missed some dives, ear congestion, of all things, and yet a second bout of sciatica, Herb and I had an exciting time with rays, sharks, nudibranchs, and all of the amazing cast of characters of Indonesia diving. We liked it so much we are going back for two more trips in 2010. I will be busy in 2009 doing seminars around the US, and a trip to the Antibes Film Festival in France where I will be a juror, as well as presenting and exhibiting. All is well with me, Herb and Sparky the African Gray Parrot. I hope you are well, also. Otherwise it’s just the same old thing here — sun, fun, diving and no work. And you didn’t think I had a sense of fantasy!!

Enjoy the journey, Cathy